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Hetalia NW now a Deviant Art group

A few days ago I created a Deviant Art group for Hetalia NW for those of us who are signed up there. And I just remembered now that it would be a good idea if I posted about it here xD

here it is: http://hetalianwuk.deviantart.com/

=3 x

Photo post for December 5th meet

Just realized I never posted a journal about this~

Please link your photos from the last meet here!!


Another final post...?

GIVE ME NAMES TO PUT ON YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS, GUYS. And a request of one character to doodle inside!

I'll take some anyways, and try fill them out before the end of the day XD ~

Final post before meet~

Meet is 11am, at Manchester Piccadilly station on the 5th December~!

We'll wait around for people until 11.30am as usual, before setting off. There's no SOLID plan, but suggestions have been made, and we should be going to visit the Christmas markets, and will probably visit Mankai (please ensure you bring some money, as there is a small fee for entering (£1 in cosplay, £2 not in costume.

For the Secret Santa, only people who have brought a gift (wrapped, please) will be able to swap/receive, but there should be a whole lot of cookies and other christmassy stuff to share around too! Bring whatever you'd like; cookies, mince pies, anything. However, I'd rather no one drink, despite it being a Christmas meet ;3 To swap the gifts, we'll probably all write our names (or character-cosplay names) on pieces of paper, mix them up, and draw them out. You don't have to open your gift at the meet, if you'd prefer to save it, too :3

Can't wait to see you all again, and I hope you're as excited as I am! See you Saturday!!

My contact number is 07936 127313 in case of emergency, delay, or if you just want someone to text on the way to/back from the meet XD

Secret Santa and Christmas meet

Soooo guys, how do you want to do this?

I assume that it's too much trouble to work out who's gifting who before the meet as some people may have last minute things and not be able to show up or something D: I think seg_ow suggested putting names on paper and essentially picking them from a hat?

As for 'rules' etc, I guess £5 the most? Value-wise? If you are cosplaying, it might be nice to get something 'in-character', too! Anything small is fine, such as chocolate etc. Please wrap your presents, too! More than one gift (if they're small), and handmade things are also welcome!

If anybody shows up without a gift... I'm not sure what to do about that. Suggestions?

Perhaps some of us could bring Christmas cookies, cakes etc anyways and we could all share anyways. I might do this! They may be moomin-shaped.

If anyone wants to Christmas-up their costumes, or just come wearing a santa hat or something, feel free! This is the Christmas meet, after all!

Most of all, I hope for feedback and that you all have a fantastic time!

For suggestions on what we can do and such, I'm gonna ask the other organizers and stuff, not being from Manchester myself. At the meet, if there is something specific you want to do/somewhere you want to go to, please let us know! In advance would be better, of course, but last time we all just kinda went with it, I think~ XD

Also, the third meet will probably be in February, in Manchester again. Please let me know what dates are best for you guys~

Finally, would anybody be interested in a Chester meet sometime? It is a lot easier for myself to get to, and I think some other people too. We could invade the walls and such! It's a lovely Roman city for those who haven't been, and I think it'd be a great place for a future meet.
Where: Manchester, England
When: 11am, December 5th, 2009
What: Second meet of our open hetalia group which began on hetalia day!

Official post



Anybody decided on cosplays for the next meet yet? :3 I'll... probably end up doing Finland actually. I keep changing my mind based on money and such. It'll still be partial, but YAY CHRISTMAS HAT?


1st Hetalia meet/Hetalia day meet over!

Wow, I'm posting this late...

But! I had so much fun with your guys today and enjoyed meeting each and every one of you! I'll make a more composed post here tomorrow but yeah, it was great!

I had a lot of interest to do things in the future again so hopefully we can get a December meet together? I was thinking either the Saturday of the first (5th), or second week (12th) of December? The 5th seems the best for everyone, so let's make it that~! Please let me know what you guys think <3 And since it's a lot more notice, hopefully more of us could cosplay, that'd be nice :3

Please link photo dumps and stuff here, too, so that everyone can see!

I hope you all had a good time and I'm sorry I was as clueless about Manchester as a lot of us XD


Last post before the meet!

Okay, so here goes for our first meet, and for Hetalia Day! I won't be in cosplay due to money reasons, but I know some of you will be, which is great!

We'll be meeting at 11am at the information thing, and hanging around until about 11.45am or so for any delays. After that, we'll head off to wherever, possibly Chinatown and some other places. Yeah, it's not too organized, but this is a casual first meet. I hope you guys enjoy it though!

Bring your cameras if you can for photos/videos, and if anyone has a union jack flag, that'd be fantastic, as the mailing list email stated 'If possible, please take photos with your national flag included. The flag of your country, not the character you're cosplaying XD If that's not possible, a banner/poster indicating your location would suffice.'

I look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow and let's hope this is the first of many meets!

Contact detailsCollapse )

If anyone else wants to leave their phone numbers here, please do. I'll delete the phone details after the meet for privacy reasons.

See you guys tomorrow!


I think travel and stuff is sorted for Hetalia Day and that, though it seems unlikely I'll be cosplaying. I'll probably be bringing one of my Lithuania flags though, at least. Quite a few of us where planning to come in cosplay, or partial cosplay, so hopefully I'll be able to spot you guys, hurr.

To anyone who will be meeting with me, I have black hair, glasses (unless I'm in cosplay) and will be carrying a Hellsing bag. I'll probably stick out like a sore thumb without even needing to be in cosplay :'D

If anyone has cameras, please bring them!

Don't forget, we're meeting at 11am (though I'll be there earlier) at the information thingy!

Let's hope we have a good attendance!

Also, singinsorrow suggested that if we have a meet in December, we could visit the German markets! How neat would that be? :D I should be definately cosplaying to that one, at least.

I hope to see you all Saturday!

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