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Next Meet~

Hey Everybody!~ I am posting this for Nilly since she can't get onto her LJ XD it is all about our next cosplay meet ^^

Please read all this, all the information here is pretty important, which means NO SKIM READING, KTHX <3
Hey everyone 8D who’s up for another mini meet? >D In, wait for it, Blackpool? <3

You’re interested now, yes? :3 Well if you are (I hope you are) it is planned for the 20th March. Now onto travel, it all really depends where you are coming from, but after a little while of thinking about this, I’m going to suggest that we all meet in Manchester Picadilly station as usual (in the usual place :3) and then all head off to the right platform to get the Blackpool North train to, well, Blackpool xD Comment what you think about that because it might not work for everyone or you might prefer to get a direct train to Blackpool North if it is available to you (the station near me goes straight to Blackpool North, but I don’t mind meeting in Picadilly as it leaves less room for getting lost or missing people etc. and we all know how to get there pretty well by now ^^) but of course if money problems are restricting your travel then I’m not saying you have to do this, you can get a lift or a bus or other trains etc, just a suggestion ^^ but as I said, if you do like the ‘meet in Picadilly first’ idea then comment so I know who will be going that way and who won’t. If you are going to go a different way to this, we will all be waiting around in Blackpool North station for everyone to get there so we can get the tram, just to make sure its clear ^^.
Things proposed to do for the day:
Once we have all gathered at Blackpool North station, we will get a tram to Blackpool tower (<3 yes) and of course go in the tower, go do things like the arcades, games and whatever Blackpool tower has to offer that you want to do (personally I want to go to the tower ballroom… and the Dance Mat machine <3 also include in your comments if you have any preference on what to do in the tower). Then after the Blackpool tower fun, we can go on to the beach and the main street for some pretty cool photo shoots (and possibly video making) and lets not forget to buy Blackpool rock!

So make sure you bring plenty of money, things you will need it for are travel (train and tram), getting in to the tower, paying for things in the tower (like FOOD and GAMES), paying for things on the main street, and if you can afford it, some extra money for any emergencies (like if you loose travel tickets etc). Oh and another thing, if the tide isn’t in and we can go on the beach, would anyone want to ride on the donkeys? (that is if they are still there… I haven’t been in so long D: ) I just checked the Blackpool tower website on admission prices and there is an offer going on until the 26th March:
On Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays, admission is only £6 per person, but on the 20th that excludes the circus so I hope nobody minds that we won’t be seeing the circus xD If you want to see all the details for yourself, go here



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